Huron River Canoe Race has been cancelled for 2020

Huron River Canoe Race has been cancelled for 2020
From Race Director… Unfortunately I have to cancel the Huron River Canoe Challenge for 2020 due to the pandemic. I had hoped that the parks could re-open in time and allow me obtain the necessary event permits from the city. However, the city concluded that the park shelters and open space rentals shall remain closed through the June 20 weekend.
Looking forward to the next edition of the Huron River Challenge in 2021.

Roscommon and Muskegon Race Update

Yesterday the MDNR contacted Sean Brabant letting him know that they were issuing permits for the Roscommon Canoe Classic (June 6 – 7) and the Muskegon River Throw Down (June 27 – 28).  Just two weeks ago they communicated there would be no marine permits in 2020, so needless to say we were surprised.  The races have to follow the social distancing recommendations that they have worked out with the MDNR. These are noted on the race information pages.

We will still have the virtual Roscommon Race, but people can only get prizes in the virtual or live race – you can’t double dip.  We will continue to have two virtual races a month, so people can participate without traveling if they so choose. 

2020 Roscommon Canoe Classic Update

For the past several days the race board and myself have been busy communicating with the MCRA, county and state officials to make the Roscommon Canoe Classic happen. We have created a new format for both C2 and C1 races that make them safe and in accordance with social distancing order. However, with the Stay At Home order in effect until May 15th I am unable to get the DNR Marine Permit for this event. It is not worth risking future events in Michigan by trying to work around the Michigan DNR. I have decided to postpone, NOT CANCEL, the race until possibly Memorial Weekend or a June date. Allowing us extra time to get the permit and ensure we are not stepping on anyone’s toes.

As we move forward I will be releasing the formats to these races. Remember that in these times sacrifices will be made to make races happen. If anyone is upset by the restrictions please address me and me only.

Thank you everyone who is on board and supportive! We hope to have you on the water ASAP.
Sean Brabant

Battle on the Boardman – Postphoned

A message from the Battle on the Boardman Race Director: It saddens us to announce that the race will be delayed this year due to the current situation, we are looking forward to future dates and will keep you posted. Please stay safe and we will see you soon!

A Paddler’s Guide to Shelter in Place

A Paddler’s Guide to Shelter in Place by Chuck Hewitt

Executive Order 2020-42 Impact on Canoe Training.

The Governor’s Executive Order of April 10, 2020, rescinded and expanded upon her prior order for suspension of activities not necessary to sustain or protect life. Subject to exceptions in the order all people are to shelter in place and basically, restrict physical contact to people only of their own household, meaning people you live with. The new order expires April 30, 2020, at 12:59p.m.
Exceptions include the ability to leave your home or place of residence and travel as necessary to engage in recreational activity. The order specifically refers to canoeing. That is the good news. However, the order also says outdoor activity must include proper social distancing. The bad news is the order does not take into account that bow and stern paddlers in a C2 are more than six feet apart. The DNR on its website, in fact, states that people not of the same household may not boat together. Accordingly, if you are not of the same household it is technically a misdemeanor to train in a C2 with someone not of your household.
The order does not place any apparent limits on how far you can travel to train. But, when you take into account the logistics of spotting cars (you can’t be in a car with someone not of your household) making plans for a town to Mio training run gets complicated. Taken together, C1 training is the most viable option for us while we all ride out this pandemic. Remember, the more everyone follows the rules (not just paddlers) the more likely we can still have a season including the “mother of all races.” I hate the very thought of the Marathon being cancelled. Everyone stay safe!

Klondike Challenge Cancelled

It is with great sadness I have to make this announcement but due to the current situation we feel this is in everyone’s best interest to cancel the Klondike Challenge that had been postponed to April 18-19, 2020. See you in 2021!! Sincerely, The Oscoda Klondike Challenge Committee