MCRA Points

MCRA Points 2024

MCRA Points Tabulated by – Zach Cheney

MCRA Points 2023

MCRA Points Tabulated by – Zach Cheney

MCRA Annual Awards 2023
C-2 E1 Mens – Weston Willoughby
C-2 Women’s – Mary Willoughby
C-2 E2 – Anthony Fisher & Jayden Russell
C-1 Men’s –  Mike Davis
C-1 Women’s – Mary Willoughby
Fledgling – Tess and Reid Hill
Rookie – Austin Poland
Most Improved – Caleb Watson
Bow Award – Outstanding contributions to MCRA
Crystal Brabant and Alex Weiler for registration and timing at several events
Stern Award – Brad Wilson and Danny Medina for going a wrong way in Betsie Race
Bank Runner – Eric Batway
Curley Award – Ryan Matthews for all his stats and race history work
Presidents Award – Zach Cheney for points and stats
MCRA Final Points 2023

2023 MCRA Points – Published 9-16-2023

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MCRA Points 2019

C2 Expert Points

C2 Expert I – Final 2019 (PDF format)

C2 Expert II Points

C2 Expert II – Final 2019 (PDF format)

C1 Points

C1 – Final 2019 (PDF format)

Junior Points

Junior – Final 2019 (PDF format)

Fledgling Points

Fledgling – Final 2019 (PDF format)

MCRA 2019 Award Winners


Expert 1 C-2 – Mike Davis
Expert 2 C-2 – Robby & Micky Kimsel
C-1 Men – Mike Davis
C-1 Women – Rebecca Davis
C-1 Junior – Natalie Kellogg
Expert Rookie Paddler – Jessica Pieri and Jason Sharpe
Adams Most Improved – Nicki Owens

Special Awards

Bow Award – Sean Brabant who promoting Tuesday C-1 sprint races in Au Sable area
Stern Award – Nick Walton / Matt Meersman who tipped multiple times in lake start at Muskegon Race
President’s Award – Rebecca Davis for always being available to assist and gathering publishing newsletter info
Bank Runner Award – Jan Treston
Harry Curley Race Award – Muskegon River Throw Down – working ahead promoting C- 1 Race and promoting greater awareness to canoe racing

MCRA Points 2018

C2 Expert Points

C2 Expert I Points – Final 2018 (PDF format)

C2 Expert II Points

C2 Expert II Points – Final 2018 (PDF format)

C1 Points

C1 Points – Final 2018 (PDF format)

MCRA 2018 Award Winners


Expert 1 Champions – Pete Mead / Mike Davis
Expert 2 Champions – Ally & Scott Doeberlein
C-1 Men – Mike Davis
C-1 Women – Rebecca Davis
C-1 Youth – Natalie Kellogg
Most Improved Paddler – Wes Dean
Expert Rookie Paddler – Adam Steuer

Special Awards

President’s Award – Outstanding Contribution – John Sullivan
Peterson Bow Award – Positive Impact – Kellogg Racing
Harry Curley Award – Muskegon Throw  Down Race
Bank Runner – Support Crew – Amy Mahaffy
Stern Award – What Happened? – Rod Matthews

Congratulations Rebecca Davis for being first female to achieve a top 10 finish in each of the Triple Crown Races. Mike Davis finished as her partner in the AuSable Marathon and La Classique. At the General Clinton she teamed with Andy Triebold.

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MCRA Awards History

A historical list of previous years award recipients compiled by Ryan Matthews.

MCRA Award Recipients