MCRA Racing Rules and Bylaws

MCRA Official Canoe Number Guidelines
Effective Beginning 2020 Race Season

  • MCRA members must pay current dues by April 1 or by MCRA annual membership meeting (whichever is later) to retain their assigned number.
  • MCRA Lifetime members keep their assigned number. If a Lifetime
  • Member is inactive for 10 consecutive years it will result in their assigned number returned to the vacant number pool.
  • If an MCRA member keeps their MCRA membership current they are allowed retain their assigned number.
  • If a paid MCRA member chooses to change their assigned canoe number they may do so by contacting MCRA membership/ numbers coordinator to choose from a pool of available numbers.
  • MCRA members will be limited to one two-digit number
  • Any canoe entered in MCRA race must have official font (Arial Black) and color (white) MCRA number. AuSable Marathon numbers are acceptable ONLY if they are the same as the member’s assigned MCRA number. A canoe without a number will be DQ’ed.
  • New MCRA members (or non-members) will be provided a temporary number for their first race .
  • The MCRA will provide info to purchase MCRA numbers this season, and make the as available as possible for purchase at the races.

Thank you for your cooperation to assist our race directors in timing their events.

Current MCRA Racing Rules and Bylaws

MCRA By-laws (Updated Dec 2019, PDF Document)

MCRA Race Rules (Updated Dec 2019, PDF Document)

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