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MCRA 2013 Points

MCRA Points Tabulated by - Dawn Reker

C2 Expert Points

C2 Expert I Final Points (PDF format)

C2 Expert II Points

C2 Expert II Final Points(PDF format)

C1 Points

C1 Points Final Points (PDF format)

C1 Paddler Ratings Final (PDF File) compiled by Lauren Chapple.

MCRA 2013 Award Winners


Expert 1 Point Champion - Mike Davis

Expert 2 Point Champion - Terry Adkinson

MCRA Junior - Sebastian Carpenter

Expert Most Improved - Conner Landick

Expert Rookie - Westin Wiloughbby

C-1 Point Champion - Mike Davis

Special Awards

Peterson Bow Award - Ryan Matthew for his initiation of the Iron Paddler Awards

Stern Award - Matthew Marathon Teams slowed to cross Marathon finish in a tie

Bank Runner - Connie Cannon - for collecting paddlers trash at the feeds

Harry Curley Award (Race Directors) - Oscoda Marathon/Curley Committee

President's Award - Dawn Reker - Thanks for calculating points

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