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MCRA 2007 Points

MCRA Points Tabulated by - Rebecca Barton

C2 Expert Points

C2 Expert Points Final 2007 (PDF format)

C2 Expert II Points

C2 Expert II Points Final 2007 (PDF format)

C1 Points

C1 Points Final 2007 (PDF format)

Junior / Fledgling Points

Junior Points Final 2007 (PDF format)
Fledgling Points Final 2007 (PDF format)

MCRA 2007 Award Winners


Expert: Matthew Rimer and Andy Triebold

Expert 2: Marcia Rimer

C-1: Bill Schmitz

Junior: Kyle Stonehouse

Fledgling: Justin Reker

Special Awards

Bow Award: Dave Diget for his outstanding work developing kids into paddling

Stern Award: Brad Gross and Tony Short - for the National Anthem tip over in N.Y.

Harry Curley (Sponsors) Award: Mio Race Committee (the Smutek family)

Bank Runners Award: Matthew Rimer - Winning the marathon & returning to give his mom her last feed at Foote Dam

Presidents Award: Tom Cannon for all your help all year in numbers, timing, and feeding

Rookie of the Year: Steve Bis and Tony Medina

Most Improved Paddler: Jason Hatfield

MCRA 2006 Points



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