Trout Opener 2018

This weekend (April 28-29) is the opener of general fishing regulations on all rivers. The Au Sable Mainstream will be the destination for many anglers and use will be especially high on the mainstream Holy Waters, from Burton’s to Wakely, though expect fisherman everywhere. Downstream of Mio is becoming more popular but the river’s size allows for more room. When approaching a fisherman slow your pace and ask if they have a preference for where to pass them, which is generally behind them if there is room. Many wading fishermen will start scrambling to get out of the way, no doubt wary of the aluminum hordes. Advise them that racers have better control and if they remain still for racers it makes it easier for everyone. Guide boats are often stationary or moving slowly with the current. Ask them as well which side they prefer you to pass.

Not all anglers take kindly to our sport but they are the minority. They have to share the river with us just as we have to share it with them. A little civility goes a long way. Be a good resource user.